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LEAP Coaching

Located in Beautiful British Columbia

Ask Yourself

  • Do you have a pretty good life, but feel there is something you are missing?
  • Is your "me" time always the first thing to slide off your full plate? Or do you schedule it at 530 in the morning before the family wakes up!!?
  • Have you been to self help workshops and come back all energized just to have your life return to the same routine?
  • Are you interested in learning some concrete strategies to move toward the life you really want?

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Wine, Women and Song
Location: Naramata Centre, Naramata BC

Wine, Women and Song isn’t just fun its

 Practical Strategies to Having the Life You Really Want


Are you wondering what is next in your life?

How can you go from good to great?


Wine, Women and Song is a retreat for busy women that will give them practical strategies to move their lives forward and some tools to build the life they really want.


Women tend to look after everyone else in their lives, and only then will give themselves any left over energy.  This retreat focuses on women who want to make their good lives better; growing from good to great.  Anita Bakker and Hilary Drummond recognize that we all have busy lives.  They are both busy life and business coaches with their own businesses who have seen first hand the power of coaching.


Wine, Women and Song is a workshop that will assist women to:


Evaluate their current reality

Create their future state

Make a plan to live it!


Imagine a fallow field wild with ungainly growth.  Without attention it will grow more of the same.  Yet with some attention and a few short years, it could become a luxuriant vineyard bursting with succulent grapes and stakes holding up the laden vines.  This can be an analogy for our lives.  When we pay little attention to what we are planting then plants of all sorts can grow.  Some of them can be beautiful and fruitful, while others may be just irritating like knapweed.  If we plant with intention, choosing what we want to spend our time and attention on, we can grow a beautiful crop with luscious results!


How is your field being prepared?  What crops are you planting?  What do you hope to reap?  Consider the following:

q       How much time in your busy day do you currently spend on self care activities?

q       What activities are you doing just because someone else asked you to do them?

q       How are you planning for the days and years ahead?

q       If you could do anything you wanted, what one change would you make in your life right now?


Join us at Naramata Centre on October 20 and 21, 2007.

Come away refreshed and energized!!


Bring a friend and have your name entered into the draw for $200.00 cash!!  To be drawn at the workshop.

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